A Curious Collaboration: Amazon, Samsung and 4K TV

samsung 4k tv

Remember when HDTV was all the rage? Now, HDTV is old news. HD just got an upgrade, and the most unlikely team is ready to promote it to the masses. Amazon.com Inc and Samsung are partnering to try to promote 4K TV to mainstream USA. Warner Bros and Lionsgate are also getting in on the Continue Reading

5 Best Free Antivirus for android phones

Almost everyone has an Android phone these days. Since these phone have made their entry with a bang. However, as the use of Android phones have become quite greater, therefore there is also greater need to protect phones from malware etc. Therefore, in the following post, you will know the 5 best Free antivirus for Continue Reading

5 Best Free Antivirus for Mac

Mac owners have to constantly bear the brunt of external threats since in an online world, nothing is safe and secure. Therefore, the following post gives you 5 best free antivirus for a Mac which helps you to counter the effect in the most professionalized and effective way like the way you want. Comodo Antivirus Continue Reading